Proud2b ME® Global is a training provider of family transformation and community development programmes. Since 2003 Proud2b ME® Global, founded on the life affirming work of Adéle MomNdela Grosse, has offered transformation programmes for community development and family preservation.

The focus being a methodology with a people driven approach in comparison to a system driven approach. The interactive programme provides practical tools and strategies to help people worldwide to live more responsible, happier, more confident, more empowered and more fulfilling lives, and enjoy gratifying relationships at home, in the community and at work.

The 25 hour Proud2b ME® Foundation Programme, the four pillars of a responsible ME, is based on a well-defined and time-proven methodology that coaches individuals over a period of 5 weeks to take ownership of their:

  • Personal Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Self-esteem and affirmation;
  • Effective communication;
  • Character, values and discipline at home, the community and at work.




The driving ethos behind Proud2b ME® is the preservation of the family unit as we believe everything starts at home.

Our Motto is:

It starts with ME



To be the training provider of choice nationally and internationally for family, community and corporate development.

To reach as many families, communities and organisations utilising initiatives teaching responsibility, positive transformation and ultimately impacting Nations.

Mission Statement

With our people driven approach, in comparison with a system driven approach, we train Proud2b ME® facilitators to coach individuals to take ownership of their personal roles and responsibilities, thereby consistently delivering an efficient service in transformation training and development.