Short history from the pen of the founder:

It all started in 2003 because I desperately needed help myself, at the age of 33, as a first time parent. Being a survivor of abuse and rape in my childhood I made the decision, after many years of self blame, to become a survivor and conquerer instead of staying a victim.

Looking around me I realised that many people are trapped by their woundedness.

Changing negative patterns, which we might have inherited from our own past, to positive patterns for the sake of our children, is in our hands. I started to write implementable toolkits and wanted to share it with others.

That was indeed the birth of the grassroots skills development transformation programme, Proud2b ME® Global, which has since 2003 reached thousands of families globally.

The focus for Proud2b ME® Global is to equip and up-skill, through our Train-The-Facilitator Programme, as many social workers, youth care workers, childcare workers and educators possible in existing organisations, government departments and schools as Proud2b ME® Programme facilitators. This is done through our Authorised Training Distributors so that we can be sure of high fidelity of the programme.

The global roll-out started when Proud2b ME® Global trained 21 Proud2b ME® Programme facilitators in Kenya and Tanzania in 2012,

East Africa








And 15 Proud2b ME® programme facilitators in Cambodia in 2013.








The need for formal Authorised Training Distributors was recognised and in 2014 our first International Proud2b ME® Authorised Training Distributor contract  was entered into with Proud2b ME® NEDERLAND Stichting, 14 facilitators from 3 organisations in the Netherlands are now certified Proud2b ME® facilitators.




My vision is global transformation of families. YOU too can be a Proud2b ME® Authorised Master Distributor or Programme Training Affiliate.



Today I am a committed wife & proud mom of two boys and I boldly stand for prevention, intervention and positive action for transformation.