Get Involved from right where you are!

We often get asked, “How can we get involved?”

Our answer is simple: You don’t have to come to Africa to make a difference. In fact, the best way you can help is by staying right where you are. We need passionate and motivated people to spread awareness about the “Its starts with ME” movement, and raise money to activate it. And all this can be done from your laptop, no matter where you are in the world!

Ways to get involved!
  • Social Investment
  • Make our work possible by:
    • Adopt a Facilitator
    • Adopt a CBO
    • Donate a Proud2b ME® Programme
    • Simply Donate
      • You can donate via
        • Paypal (simply click on the link in the sidebar) or
        • Into the Proud2b ME® bank account (see details in the sidebar)
Our Partners



BBBEE Points

Donations can qualify organisations to score BBBEE points.

A company making a donation to Proud2b ME® Foundation can attract points on their BBBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment) score card.

Tax Deductions

Proud2b ME® is non-profit organisation. Your donations are tax deductible.

Not for profit organisations play a significant role in society as they take a shared responsibility with Government for the social and development needs of the country.

A taxpayer making a bona fide donation is eligible to receive a section 18A Tax Certificate and is entitled to a deduction from taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary section 18A receipt issued by the organisation.